ClearDome Stovetop Water Still and
H2O Labs Home Distiller/Desalinator for Pure Drinking Water

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Both water distillers eliminate all harmful microbes, chemical contaminates,
salt, minerals, and any other impurities from nearly all types of foul water

While upgrading and improving our second generation ClearDome Solar Pure Water Still/Pasteurizer to a more efficient, more portable third generation solar still, our new design ClearDome Stovetop Distiller and Pasteurizer water purifier, shown in the photo, is available to order. Use the PayPal order link below to place your order but check availability first.

New design Stovetop water distiller from ClearDome Solar Thermal

Solar stills rely on full sunshine, which means reduced performance at night or on cloudy days, so having other fuel sources like gas or electric stoves at home, or outside with portable stoves makes purifying most types of water possible any time, in most locations using our simple Stovetop Still.

It's ideal for major emergencies or disasters when drinkable water is unavailable.

The portable ClearDome Stovetop Water Still/Pasteurizer, shown in the photos, can work two ways to make bad water safe to drink in only a few hours.

First, as a distiller it quickly evaporates nearly any type of foul water, including sea water, into delicious, sweet tasting drinking water (tastes as good as solar distilled water) but much faster and in larger quantities than the solar still.

Solar distillation takes longer because the heat levels are normally lower on the evaporative water surface, so evaporation takes longer. Sea water is one of the most difficult water sources to purify because it has over 35,000 parts per million (PPM) of total dissolved solids, or TDS. However, distillation removes all minerals and completely ultra-purifies the water. Nearly all water filtration systems will not do that.

Those of you that appreciate the quality and taste of pure water you can make at home will also appreciate both of these advanced food growing systems shown below. They are easier and safer to use than any other growing system plus they grow food up to 50% faster in small sunlit spaces, while producing the tastiest and most nutritious food.

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The amazing aeroponic vertical Tower Garden food growing system from Juice Plus+ Company uses no soil or growing medium. Like the Veggie Garden2go, it uses pure, natural Tower Tonic mineral plant nutrients for the healthiest, tastiest home-grown foods that grow up to 60% faster than field grown plants. It is the most advanced and most popular growing system made and it is easy to set up and use outdoors or indoors with grow lights.

Stovetop water distiller/Pasteurizer purifies water using a campstove Stovetop still is heated with a portable hotplate

Foul water is boiled in a durable 2 quart stainless steel and copper bottom kettle on your gas or electric stove shown in the top photo, a propane gas camp stove or a portable electric hotplate, both shown on the right.

It only takes about 2.5 hours of boiling with most medium-high gas flame or electric stoves to distill over 5 cups, or about 1-1/4 liters (or quarts) of ultra pure drinking water containing only 0-4 parts per million of impurities. That compares to what our 2nd generation solar still makes in 24 hours after a full sunny summer day. Most highly filtered bottled water contains at least 25-50 ppm, fresh rainwater about 3-20 ppm, and tap water has 250-600 ppm or more of impurities, often including small quantities of untested dangerous chemicals and drugs.

Once the foul water boils, it vaporizes into steam and all harmful impurities are left behind. Then it flows through a short, removable food-safe copper steam transport tube into the heat resistant, unbreakable three gallon storage container where it cools and condenses into delicious fresh drinking water, shown in the photo. We've added an additional water cooling basin below the still to improve efficiency. It's the same natural process as lake or ocean water evaporating into clouds, Pure steam droplets form on the inside of the three gallon cooling container of the Stovetop Still, then drain to bottom as delicious drinking water then rain, which is what we all drink. No filters are needed and all parts of the the still are made of NSF certified food-safe, non-toxic copper and BPA free heat-resistant plastic.

H2o Labs countertop ultra pure water distiller

NEW H20 Labs Counter top distiller update: While working on our next generation solar still, we have become an affiliate of H2o Labs, the leading manufacturer of a full line of ultra pure water distiller/desalinators, including the top-rated Model 300 SS Desktop Home Distiller (click ad below for more details and to order), shown in the right photo.

Like solar stills, it purifies almost all foul water (including ocean, stream or lake water) into delicious, drinking water that tastes as good as solar distilled water. It's much faster than solar stills since it only takes 20 minutes to distill a cup, or 5-6 hours to distill a gallon of pure drinking water with no waste water, as there is with deionized filtration.

It's ideal for everyday use at home or work, and for most emergency situations where safe drinking water is not available. If you live near the ocean, it will completely eliminate salt and other impurities (over 35,000 ppm) just like evaporation forms in clouds and falls back to earth as rain. It is more pure than expensive bottled spring or deionized tap water with only 0-5 parts per million of dissolved minerals. It's much faster than solar stills since in only 5-6 hours it will distill a gallon of pure drinking water with no waste water, as there is with deionized filtration.

H2o Labs 42 gallon drinking water distiller

In one day, four gallons of ultra pure delicious 99.9% pure drinking water can be distilled or desalinated with the Counter Top 300 SS for only about 30 cents per gallon. Larger automatic industrial grade 8 - 45 gallon per day Durastills (right photo) are also available, and we will ship around the world from the USA or the UK. Sale prices start at $149.

Questions on the H20 Labs or solar stills? Click here to request more information from product designer and inventor Deris Jeannette: deris@cleardomesolar.com

Unlike most other stills that use metal surfaces to condense the water vapor, our ClearDome Stovetop Still condenses water on the inside of a 3 gallon plastic condensing and cooling container that will not add any additional taste or smell. It's fresh and sweet tasting just like our solar distilled water. The ultra pure distilled water never has a metallic taste like most steam stills where water condenses inside a coiled cooling metal pipe. That also means no carbon filters are needed to improve the taste. Undesired low VOC gasses like chlorine are vented out the top of the cooling container through a small opening.

Since some people prefer to use glass for condensing, cooling and storing distilled drinking water, our break resistant plastic three gallon container can be substituted with a customer provided large glass container but it needs be at least 1-3 gallons or the pure water production will be reduced considerably. We've found that the ideal size of the cooling container for our still design is about three gallons.

The other way to make fresh lake, stream or standing water safe to drink (if not chemically contaminated) when it contains harmful pathogens, is to kill the harmful microbes by heat treating, or Pasteurizing, by boiling up to three quarts (or liters) of water in only 20-30 minutes without the still attachment. When the safe water whistle blows, the water is safe to drink. Boiling water kills all harmful microbes but does not remove solids like salt, chemicals or minerals, so it will taste about the same as before it was treated. You can also Pasteurize water in any tea pot or large pan with a lid. It is scientifically proven that Pasteurization starts at 160 degrees F, so by the time water boils at 212 degrees F, or 100C, any harmful pathogens are long dead.

Our Stovetop Still design incorporates a number of unique proven concepts we developed and used in our solar stills made during the last ten years that adds efficiency and simplicity. In fact, we're planning to eventually integrate the conventional and solar still designs into one hybrid still for even greater efficiency and pure water production.

The ClearDome Stovetop Still/Pasteurizer is very easy to use and costs only $179. Please check for availability first before placing your order.

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Questions? Click here to request more information from product designer and inventor Deris Jeannette: deris@cleardomesolar.com

For more details on our solar stills and on the distillation water purification process and advantages of drinking ultra pure distilled water, Click here to jump to our ClearDome Solar Still Water Purifier/Pasteurizer web page.


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